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Can it be New Years Already?!

Le Registrie - New Years

I know it isn’t even Christmas yet – & – Hanukkah just began – but I can help but think about New Years. It really shouldn’t be a surprise since I love everything that is gold, glittered, & mirrored.  BUT I also think there are so many great New Years inspired housewares that will be amazing and useful all year long.  Like the Valencia Candlestick over at The Future Perfect.  The entire series is handmade from optical glass by Jaime Hayon for Gaia and Gino.  Can’t you just imagine how gorgeous this will look when the light hits it just right?! Sooooo good!  And there there are these GoVino unbreakable champagne flutes… perfect for an evening full of bubbly.  I love how chic & expensive they look without being glass.  And finally – to keep the wine out & chilled without an ice bucket – there’s the corkcicle from Cool Material.  I love how it looks like an icicle and how the ice looks as it melts.  It would also be perfect if you were serving cocktails out of those swing top bottles.  What do you think – are you excited about New Years yet?

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