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Rooms to inspire

I always talk about how I love to see amazing rooms and just get inspired by the people who might live there.

I love that these are the people I’m creating Le Registrie for.  So inspiring – yet so scary – because I do not want to disappoint. I do not want to create something that is just meh.

I know not everyone is going to love what you do – but you – i’m talking to you -  i want you to be blown away.  i want you to say to yourself, ‘what took you so long!’  (wow, i’m really going all romantic comedy style on you today)   But really no matter if your home looks like this today – or you just aspire for a home full of objects that make you happy.. I think you’re going to love what we’ve got planned.

Images via Old Brand New / Stacy Ann / Glitter Guide – Style at Home with Amanda Lewis

Room Inspiration - Le Registrie

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